Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mexico here we come!!

So finally we get a vacation that's just to relax. I know that it seems like a travel a lot, and I do but not very often just to relax. Of course I will still be working on the boat from my laptop, in fact i think some of my best work comes from relaxed cruises, sitting at the bar with a fruity drink close at hand.

On this journey, we're headed down the Mexican Rivera. I'm looking forward to the warm sea breeze and great Mexican food. Since its Mexico, we won't be doing much off the boat. While it may seem exotic for someone from the great white north, its not all that different for Texans. I really wanted a cruise that had lots of days at sea and wasn't a hustle and bustle of shore excursions to places that were unique and different. When its like that you feel obligated to get off at every port, but Mexico is Mexico so it allows me to relax and soak in the sun.

As soon as we get back from Mexico I leave for LA and then on to Vegas in Feb. Its the start of seminar season so our business will be picking up again and running full tilt until the holidays next year.

For those waiting on a castle update, the newest issue is that it seems to be mating season for some of the neighborhood cats and since we seem to be the only yard without dogs they choose to exhibit their loud kitty foreplay on the back patio while the labs next door bark themselves into a frenzy. I may rent a dog for a few weeks so they will at least take their sex screams out to the alley.

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Britta Coleman said...

Have a wonderful cruise, Dee! I can't wait to hear the stories when you get back. (And with you on board, there are bound to be several.)