Monday, January 26, 2009

Mexcian Cruise Day 7

Another fabulous day at sea!! I was going to work – but I blew it off and played poker most of the day. The day was mostly uneventful. EXCEPT – there’s always an ‘except’ – for the little incident we witnessed right before dinner. Me & Kevin were sitting in the lounge area enjoying some wine before dinner watching all the people and of course there were a few that were very drunk. One in particular happened to be a dwarf girl in an electric wheel chair….she did a donut right beside Kevin and was laughing and talking loud…you almost felt guilty laughing at her– but it was funny. Then she was zooming down past the restrooms and totally took out this little old man. I know – again it shouldn’t be funny but you had to laugh. The sauced Oompa Loompa takes out grandpa on the high seas…so politically incorrect but so funny. We ate in the supper club instead of the dining room and it was wonderful.


Travis Erwin said...

Who cares about being politically correct. Funny is funny and that is damn funny.

dee said...

I agree...sometimes its just FUNNY!!