Friday, August 10, 2007

So here's what happened.....

You all know I quit my job...on a Thursday(July 26) on Friday I got a call from the publisher that we do ghostwriting for. They wanted me to fly to California to interview a person who is a personal friend of the guy who owns the company. And of course I said YES!!! So on Saturday I was on a plane to Sacramento....then drove north west about 70 miles to a place called Clearlake Oaks. Clearlake is a fabulous lake second only to Tahoe for beauty.....anyway..... stayed 2 days at one of their lake houses...then was moved up to a multi million dollar Casa for the next two days. Hills topped with vineyards.....great beef on the hoof in the valley (about 60 miles due north of Napa) like Texas only with no humidity....or wind.....or weather......just gorgeous......and this ranch had such a peace about it.....really fabulous. At first I was a little disoriented since I didn't have Internet access and cell phone reception was being cut off for the first time in I don't remember when. So after the first day I decided to quit stressing and just go with it. I met the most amazing people and learned much about myself and the person I'd like to be. All while interviewing this woman who has gone through amazing and tragic events and yet run a company for 40 years that is on the cutting edge within the personal development industry. Her name is Jayne.

So after I got back, we were slammed with projects. Australians, Europeans, British (no apparently they are not European - who woulda guessed?) and we're trying to get everything finished before the Cruise in Oct. Not the birthday cruise my hubby and I are going on Sept 15, but a cruise on Oct 6 for business that many of our ghostwriting clients will be on. Sucks to be us right??? NOT!

Anyway we're hauling butt toward this cruise. So I got back from my respit in CA on a Wed. Then the most fabulous thing happened.....I got an email on Friday from a marketing person for the 26th Annual National Credit Union Convention. She had read an article of mine about creating Buzzzzz to increase your bottom line in Credit Union Business. AND SHE ASKED ME TO SPEAK AT THEIR NATIONAL CONVENTION!!! In Vegas! What a fabulous opportunity. So of course I'm going!

So I emailed the publisher of the magazine to let them know the good news and he requested a call the next Tues to discuss future issues. So on Tues, while we're talking about the possible ideas, I tell him about Jayne and the work she is doing. He loved it! In fact he will be featuring her on the cover of the January issue and I will be interviewing her for the cover story. I will also be writing a monthly column for them next year on the field of human development/human potential. How fab is that???? And that was just this week. Stay tuned folks cause it's looking like a wild ride to the end of 2007!!! And BTW I will be speaking in Vegas on Feb 19-22 if any of you want to drop by!!!