Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mexican Cruise Day 6

Manzanillo! This is the first port we stopped at where tourism isn’t the main industry. They have a HUGE shipping port, factories and other industry. They bussed us into the downtown area where there were many cantinas, shops and all kinds of everyday business. The neat part of this place is that it is full of locals just going about their daily business and ignoring the tourists for the most part. We sat at a little cantina and watched kids go to school in their uniforms and then walked around to shop and also saw people doing their laundry at the laudromat, getting their daily tortillas from the tortillaria and many other activities. I found a hand woven rug with an Aztec design and a big colorful serving dish with chili peppers for the castle. I also got Harlee a cute little linen dress with pretty embroidery on it. We stayed a few hours and it was nice.
I heard several other people say they didn’t like it because it was dirty, but we didn’t see any of that and compared to old Acapulco it was sparkling! We had some great guacamole and margaritas and didn’t worry about it as the place was really clean. Kevin gave their Banos an A+ (comparatively).

One thing we didn’t do was go to the pharmacia….when in Mexico, buy cheap drugs!! We totally forgot about that! I also didn’t find the chocolate liquer for Liz so she’ll have to settle for Kaluha….

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