Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stories from around the castle....

I'm getting used to the boxes you know.....but not getting far in the unpacking. Still lots to go and since work backed up during the move, I've been putting in long hours so who knows when the boxes will be gone and really - who cares?

So I'm taking it somewhat easy tonight and of course nothing is on TV. I added myself to facebook at the urging of some business friends and I'm surprised at how people have found me. Kevin is playing with timers on the sprinklers again - too bad he can't figure out how to make them go off every time someone lets their dog take a dump on our yard.

And what is the deal over here with everyone having a horse for a dog? If you want a horse, get a horse! A dog should not have to be walked with a golf cart! Our favorite client from Toronto will be in next week and then we'll be in Toronto with the Publisher Sept 24-26. Hopefully I won't have to endure the breeze from the ice cubes they have on that big lake up there...I mean really! February is not the time to hop into Canada.

YOu know how you get a really cool new fridge with all the latest features that seem really don't know - this really annoying beep if you hold the door open too long? So it sounds like a great thing right? And in theory it is if you're just staring into the depths of the fridge hopeing something will appear - this noise will snap you back to life and remind you, hey its the same stuff that was in there twenty minutes ago. Sounds great...right? NO.

See the little beepy noise is very effective for me - it beeps I close the door. But it doesn't seem to have the same effect on my spouse. It beeps - he ignores it. It doesn't bother him - it bothers me. Another ten seconds pass. More beeps and still no response. So now, its beeping and I'm complaining "HEY! It beeps for a reason!" And I get a blank stare. "What?" grrr...of course now that he KNOWS it bothers me its the funnest game ever - for him....

At least the moat is gone.....Yes I said moat. Last weekend, the fact that the sewer lines haven't had the roots removed in ..oh maybe five years became evident as a moat of raw sewage poured over our lawn and down the gutter around the castle. I'd even said something about wanting a moat but one with turds of unknown origin was not what I had in mind. Anyway, Paul the plumber to the rescue. The only good thing about the moat, was that all those people who let their dog/horse crap in my yard, also let them lap up the 'moat' water and then lick them in the face!! Yes, daddy loves his little horsey!!! Bwahahahahah

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Made It!!

So we are moved in!! - Not unpacked mind you, but moved. They delivered the bedroom furniture and the matching desks for our office. The red couch makes its appearance on Thursday along with the Frig. You know you never realize how attached you are to your frig until you are without one....I've had to ice down my bottles of wine in the sink for the last few days.

We absolutely love the house!!Kevin is on cloud nine and has been trying out all the neat features of the house - like the doorbell on the backdoor which is really annoying to me since I come downstairs to answer the front door and no one is there. And then there are all the various jets that come out of the wall in the master shower. I didn't notice them really or play with them - I just took a shower cause I wanted to get clean. Of course I'm a girl and that's what we do. Kevin however had to play with all the gadgets so he took a long shower then proceeds to tell me how cool the 'butt hole' cleaners are in the shower and how its the cleanest his butt hole has ever been. Really? Did ya have to share that??? Oh the joys of marrying a redneck. He has also arranged his 'man cave' with his desk, computer, TV, video games and beer frig which is the envy of all the guys who have been to the house so far.

Hopefully we'll be out of the boxes soon and can start having people over. For now, back to work!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We move this Saturday!!

Its been a flurry of activity around here this week getting this house ready to lease. I have to say our renovations look pretty snazzy and we put the 'For Rent' sign out in the yard last weekend. We got quite a few calls so I'm sure we'll have it rented in no time.

We haven't packed as much as I'd like - okay I haven't packed as much as I should - Kevin is already packed and ready to roll. We have given away ten years+ worth of crap and I'm sure will be giving away more. I went and verified furniture deliveries for Saturday and me & Liz picked out two matching executive desks for the office. So the it will be two desks and the red couch so far in the office.

I'm really excited and went to the pet store to look at some fish for my new outdoor fountain/pond. I thought I wanted some KOI so I got a KOI for dummies book - turns out I don't' want KOI - They get really big and need all this special stuff. What I need is a fish that looks pretty and doesn't really need to be feed on a regular basis - turns out that's called a goldfish.
So once we have the little fountain cleaned, I'm planning on getting a few bug eyed goldfish - Perhaps a Black pair named Esmeralda and Elvis or a bright gold pair named Ed & Betty - what do you all think?