Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm back on the merry-go-round once again. I'm just now digging out from the work I left undone before leaving for the weekend last week but I swear that someone has backed up a dump truck of more stuff to do and is slowly drowning me. I guess everyone wants their projects wrapped up before the end of the year so there's been a mad rush to get things scheduled this week.

The writer's retreat in Santa Fe last weekend was great. We all had a good time and got lots of work done. But after three days, it leaves me brain dead. Thanks to Anita, Liz and Susan for all their help with my two book ideas. I hope to get started on them soon.

Yesterday was the last night of my writing classes for the semester. So sad. I had a wonderful group this fall. I can see several having published within the next few years. I hope most of them join the critique class next spring so I will get to hear the last part of their novels. Last night Jodi Thomas ( spoke to the class, and as always was wonderfully inspiring. They don't know how lucky they are to have the likes of Jennifer Archer ( and Candace Havens ( speak to them as well. The published authors here are some of the most generous people I have ever met, and I know its not like that everywhere. This is the perfect place for a writer to learn from the best and be nurtured through all of the hard times ahead. There's alot to be said for "Good Writer Karma" as Candy Havens says.

Lots of ghostwriting projects piling up right now too. I'm on the search for more ghostwriters if anyone is interested. Most of these projects are with clients who want to be motivational speakers. Many are from Canada & Australia and all seem to be easy to work with.

I'm also leaving for Las Vegas on Nov 1-5. This is a trip my hubby planned and is for pure recreation. I will probably be spending 12-14 hours a day at the poker table, which is exactly how I like it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Santa Fe Writers Weekend

It is a cold and dreary day today but I'm working diligently on my projects this week to get ready to be gone to Santa Fe over the weekend. We are having a brainstorming session (me and 3 other writers). I can't wait!! Mountain air, a Kiva fireplace and hot coffee....mmmm....makes me very writer like. Everyone is bringing at least one or two book ideas to brainstorm and I think I will go back to one I started a couple of years ago. Some writers that first read the idea thought it would be difficult to sell. But I still like the idea and want to explore it. I think that sometimes when experienced writers tell you that it may be hard to sell, they are saying that it is very different: and isn't that the whole point? Ultimately it may never see the light of day on a bookshelf, but the idea just won't die and keeps pestering me beyond reason. So I guess this may either be the start of something great or an exorcism of an idea. Either way it will be great to finally explore it.

The Classes I teach at AC are almost over. So sad. I always get so much renewed energy from the students. I will be doing the same slate of classes for the spring beginning in Mid January, but we may change the line up a little for the fall and include a Ghostwriting/Freelance class. I'm speaking on that subject at the Panhandle Professional Writer's meeting in January so we'll see what kind of interest there is for a class.

I'm finishing up the ghostwriting project for the Real Estate book this week (woo hoo!) and will be starting another one concerning cosmetic procedures. How I got to be the plastic surgery guru, I don't know. Just happenstance I guess that those projects gravitate toward me. I will be working on my next article for the January Issue of Credit Union Business as well which will be about Supplemental Executive Retirement plans.

Meanwhile, I will be planning my own retirement to the Cayman Islands.....I hate winter.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cruise Photos!!

Hopefully I can get them to post....we'll see.

Here is the ship we went on. The Conquest. It was so absolutely wonderful I can't even tell you how great it was. The theme of the ship is art so everything was decorated by artwork from the masters and all the dining rooms and lounges were named for them. We had dinner every night in the Renoir dining room and lunch in the Monet dining room. (the casino was still called the casino - get real)

This is my favorite picture from the cruise and it is now the screen saver on all my computers. It is Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. Looks fake doesn't it? I may have it made into a big puzzle or something its just so darn pretty. Wish I was there *sigh*.

This is sunrise in Jamaica as we were sailing toward Montego Bay . Jamaica was beautiful, but depressing with the way the people have to live. But then most things look better from a distance.

Here's some on Island scenery in Jamaica.

Here's the square across from the dock in Cozumel. The shopping and the Mexican food were great! I just wish I had brought more CASH!

Here's one of me and my little turtle buddy. It is a seven month old green sea turtle. Of course if I was holding one like this in the states, I would probably be arrested for a felony. In Cayman, they eat them. The Turtle Farm is just that - they raise them for food. It should probably be called the Turtle Ranch.

Kevin took this picture and I think everyone has commented on his limited photography skills. He did better on this one :

Our last sunset. So sad. We're already planning the next one so I'm sure I'll have more pictures soon.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Projects

Ready to work again. Though I'd really rather be in the islands. *sigh*

There's something about fall that puts me in the writer mood. I don't know if it's the old 'school days' mode or what, but it makes me want to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Lots of projects coming up in the next few weeks which is perfect timing. Classes at AC are wrapping up (I can't believe their almost done) and my other projects will be finished this week.

We'll see which projects I take on myself and which ones I assign to other writers, but it's looking good. This morning I'm consolidating plans for our writer's weekend in Santa Fe. It will be a brainstorming session with myself and three other writers. I love these kinds of events as they really get the juices flowing.

Need to touch base with some of my other writer buds. One in particular has been on my mind lately so I think I will give her a call and see if we can do lunch.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Back to Reality

So sad to be back.....the cruise was wonderful! We ate, drank and made merry!! The islands were beyond my expectation, except for Jamaica. We took a tour to the Appleton Rum estate and it was a 2 hour drive through some really depressing areas of Jamaica. The scenery was beautiful, but the people didn't have electricity or running water and the roads were terrible. Its not exactly a place you feel safe either. So definitely not something I would do again.

Grand Cayman however was another story. Being a British territory it was very clean and wonderful (though a tad expensive). Seven Mile beach was so beautiful, you stand there thinking that it's fake. But it's not. The Sea Turtle farm was fabulous!! So different from here where they are almost sacred beings. There, they raise them for food! I would totally love to buy a house on Grand Cayman ...and their tax free status is certainly attractive. Maybe someday.

Cozumel was great too, and very cheap. They have recovered nicely from the hurricane, a short ten months ago and we had some great Mexican food and I bought a fabulous necklace that I love. We are already talking about going back there for a long weekend. (Tip: cash is king in Mexico!!)

I hated to come back to real life, but that's the way it is. At least I have the writer's weekend in Santa Fe to look forward to (Oct 20-22). Then its off to VEGAS BABY!!! (Nov 1-5). Did I mention that I made $340 on the last day of the cruise playing poker? Schmucks abound even on the high seas.

Now it's back to work. Bummer.