Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mexican Cruise Day 5

So we woke up already parked off the coast of Zihuatanejo (that’s “Zae watt ten a hoe” for all you gringos. They also have excursions over to Ixtapa (Icks Tapa) for those who choose. I chose a quiet day on the boat….Its hot, I’m tired, its Mexico….so there….Kevin got off and said it’s a little fishing village not much to see. They used the life boats to tender everyone in to shore.
So one thing I left off from yesterday is the whole explanation of why I don’t pee in Mexico. While we were in old Acapulco shopping with the Loenardos yesterday, the shop owners kept giving him free beer. So of course, after a short while he has to go. The only place close is the ‘Banos Publico’ – which is a public restroom….he said he was almost afraid to whip it out…the floor was dirt and the fixtures looked as if they were original turn of the century. The sink is on the outside where they have a convenient coke bottle filled with half shampoo and half water to wash your hands…then little napkins to dry off with. Of course the Leonardos assured him it was one of the best Banos in the area….so needless to say I held it….
The biggest highlight of the day was watching Kevin doing the Macarena at dinner…..

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