Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wars and rumors of war....

Isn't interesting how people band together in times of stress? While I can't spill all the details here, I've been really surprised at how some fellow writers have rallied themselves out of a tough spot. It's even further evidence that just when you think the worst has happened, another door opens up - and may be even better. We'll see.

On the slate this week (yes JUST this week) is the final draft for the HR book. Turns out the client loved it so hopefully the hard part is behind me. I'm hoping to get it out by Friday. Also on the list is the book on Vedic Astrology. While I know zip on this subject, I don't have a problem learning. I knew zip about Australian Immigration Law too and recently finished the first draft of that book which I think was pretty good. Haven't heard from the client though, so we'll see. This weekend I have to finish the Executive Summary for Kiplinger. The summary is on a trading triggers book which is really interesting. It's a fabulous thing to get paid to read books you would read anyway. I also need to put the final edits on the editing website and let it go 'live'. I would have already done this, but the last edits Jenny sent me were lost in the computer shuffle (apparently old computers get totally confused when you ask them to save to a .pft file - who knew?) so if you read this Jenny, please resend!!

I got a reject from an editor last week on a book partial that I'd even forgotten I'd sent. It was submitted last March (yes I had to look it up - thank god for spreadsheets). She said she'd read several similar in the past few months but that my opening line was one of the best she'd ever read. Too bad they don't buy just one line. As it would happen, part of tonight's writing class was on opening lines. I usually read a few from great authors, then give the class the assignment of writing a great opening line. They always love that assignment and so do I.

This is my first blog post since setting up my computer last Sunday. I love love love it. The bigger screen is so much easier on my old tired eyes. I really should give it a name. Maybe Lois....nah...sounds like a granny. How about Charlene....yes that's it. Smart with just a hint of sassy.

Yes the tree is still up.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Class is in session

The new round of classes at AC have begun and this time I have a strange, but exciting, mix of students. In the Great American Novel class, I have nine men and two women. Usually its the other way around with more women than men. So it should be very interesting and a whole different look at novel writing from the male perspective. I'm excited. In the critique class I have mostly familiar faces from the last novel writing class. I'm thrilled they are continuing to pursue publication.

I'm a little bummed that the Seminar I was supposed to give to Panhandle Professional Writers was cancelled due to the inbound snow storm. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter lately??

One good item of note is that my new computer came so I will be playing with my new toy all weekend....and maybe taking down the Christmas tree (or maybe not). Technically I have until Valentines Day to remove all vestiges of my favorite holiday(these are my rules so deal with them). At least I'm not still turning on the tree lights every night.

Another shipping incident occurred today only this time with UPS. Supposedly they left my package from Kiplinger on my porch (okay so technically it's a large square of concrete, but whatever) well the package was not there. In fact I'm betting he tossed it onto someone else's 'porch'. Normally it wouldn't annoy me that much except I'm on deadline for the review of this book. Of course Kiplinger has been nice enough to overnight me another copy, but still!! What is wrong with these people?? First DHL leaves poor Jen's Xmas on her 'porch' to get stolen, and now UPS tosses packages willy nilly onto the plains of Texas. My last hope is FED EX...and they better come through!!

On the writing front, I finished the First Draft of the Human Resources book that I was ghostwriting, and now I'm on to a Liposuction book. If nothing else, its always interesting. I'm also still working on my editing website and trying to get it live sometime next week. We'll see how much I get done this weekend!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's....again

Isn't it funny how time speeds up as you get older? It seems like just a couple of months ago I was anticipating 2006, and what it would bring, and now its over already. I have to say that overall the year was fabulous for me. I took my first cruise (which was so great *sigh*) and did several things on my "Stuff to do before I die" list. I think I finally got over my agent phobia and (with the help of some other writers) brainstormed a couple of ideas that will make onto paper this year.

Professionally, I made some leaps and bounds that I never anticipated, pushing me that much closer to living the life I want (and getting that great piece of beach on Grand Cayman).

As I look to 2007, I really feel that tingley anticipation. Like when you know something great is going to happen but you don't know exactly what form it will take. There are so many possibilities given all that I have going on, that I know this could easily be my best year ever. Even if it goes like the last six months it will be very above average, so its a no-lose situation.

I decided this morning to get out a piece of paper and write down all the great things I expect to happen this year. As I read back over the list (and it wasn't long) I looked at each item and caught myself thinking, OMG...what if it actually does happen? What if it all happens???

Then I thought, wait a minute....what do you mean IF?? I wonder how many times that we keep ourselves from achieving all there is? How many times do you tell yourself that you are wishing on a star, or that it's a dream that is far from reality? Well, I say that's crap! You are in control of you and have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to, me too. And I refuse to settle for the life I 'should' have. There is no reason to sit around and wait on life to happen.

I resolve this year to go out and make my life happen. I resolve to get exactly what I want and do exactly what makes me happy and if that means leaving my Christmas tree up until June, then so be it. What do you resolve to do?