Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Picks and Shovels

For those of you who haven't heard, there's a new non-fiction book in the works. Liz and I are using our ghostwriting experience to write: Picks and Shovels - Cashing in on the New Gold Rush in Ghostwriting. Which, BTW is turning out to be a gold rush *laughs in a greedy yet contented fashion*. We are anticipating finishing by April 1, don't know the production schedule yet.

The title for the book came from a friend, NYT Bestselling author, Jodi Thomas. We were at lunch talking about the idea for the ghostwriting book and she said that we were like those people in the California Gold Rush who, instead of wasting their time looking for gold, sold the picks and shovels to the miners....they were the ones that made real money. She's right!! Our ghostwriting helps others achieve their dreams of publication. We provide the tools and then they go out into the world to find their fortune. I just love that.

In other news, I got another assignment from Kiplinger, so I will be reading this weekend. I also received a full manuscript back in the mail that I submitted to someone. At first I thought no, I have no clue, then opened it. It was a manuscript I submitted to an agent in June of 2005!!! So....almost a smooth TWO YEARS later she says that she feels my pacing is too slow for the current market....really....she should know about slow. Good thing I have several sources of moola.

The last session of my critique class is tomorrow. So sad. It went so fast this semester!! Of course, when you are busy everything goes fast. I've been searching this evening for some more markets to submit to. I have a few ideas for one particular magazine and I think I may target it for a while and keep a log of how long it takes to break in, and then how long it takes to move up. So far, in my experience, its has taken less than two months to break into a given market(assuming hard work of course) and less than six to move up(again assuming hard work). So I think I will try a little experiment with a couple of the 'biggies' and see if they skew my average.

When I was desperately searching for my spread sheet from two years back to find the wayward submission *not the least bit bitter here,* I also ran across the spread sheet I started last April after the non-compete ended. Some of you who follow my blog (you poor lonely things) will remember the 'One Thing' list. I started it as a way to force myself to do one thing every day to advance my writing career. Wow...I mean wow!!! Who knew that one thing a day could have brought me so far so fast. I stopped keeping track last fall when I was doing so much every day that I couldn't keep up. Now I do those things almost without thinking, they have become such a natural part of my life. It makes me wonder....hmmm....what if I had done TWO things a day....or FIVE???? I'm almost afraid (yet excited) to think how far along I'd be now.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

hi ho ...hi ho...its off to work we go....

Yes, at it turns out the writers have banded together.....we are now called sort of ...officially...."THE AMARILLO GROUP". I realize that this isn't really original, but hey....we is what we is. And currently we are a well banded group of professionals who can perform. And really - isn't that what it's about?? We had a group meeting today and the feel from everyone was really good. We are so much stronger than if we were going at this individually. We will hopefully have a deal with publisher #1 on Monday (all signs seem positive) and will be approaching other publishers soon. The whole idea is to circumvent the cash flow problems that most writers experience by lack of steady work flow. Money makes me happy and apparently I'm not the only one. I will function as project manager for the group and hope to scare up so much additional business that we can't handle it. Part of that business will come from the editing website, . The final changes are being input over the next few days and the print advertising campaign will begin in April.

The latest issue of Credit Union Business came out, with an article on SERPs(Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans) by yours truly, and so I'm trying to think of some ideas to pitch them for spring. Nothing comes to mind right now, but I'm sure that it will by the end of the week.

The newest Executive Summary is due to Kiplinger's Financial by tomorrow (yikes) but since we had some trouble with initial delivery(did I mention that DHL sucks?), I'm hoping they will take that into consideration. However, I've never missed a deadline - never - and don't intend to start. Whatever I have to do, I will do. Though this book has been really interesting, the Author used the word exacerbate every couple of paragraphs for the entire book!!! Where was the editor that day???STARBUCKS???.... This needed a much heavier hand, but I will deal with it as is, as usual. It's still an interesting book on trade triggers and what moves the financial markets which is totally my cup of tea...if I drank tea .....which I don't...

As always, keep your mind in the middle and strive toward your goals. Where does that come from?? Well, of course from the Professional Bull Rider's association. What's better than a bull rider's butt? ummmmm.... not much.... cherry o ...till next time.