Thursday, October 11, 2007

post cruise update.....and then some

So, I've been reminded numerous times by those near and dear (and not so near, but still dear) that I haven't wrapped up the Cruise. We stopped in Tortola, but spent an AMAZING day on the boat cause we were too tired after Antigua to get off!!..Then on to the Bahamas... the scene of the "crime" as most of you are aware....when we got married on Cable Beach, they were building Atlantis - actually it was a giant hole in the ground - so it was exciting to see what they did. I have to admit that in the end, I was disappointed. I thought it would be a great 'Bahamian' experience but it's more like Vegas south with a Carribean theme. Since they have no competition, they have few table games with any kind of player advantage (this means NO poker!!!) so I was stuck playing black jack with a $15/bet minimum...forget the fact that I won a grand, it was still a bit on the 'less than great' side. If I were paying to go to Atlantis, I wouldn't - so there. The end of a cruise is always depressing, and the lightening storm in Orlando that soaked our suitcases was a cherry on the top. You don't really think about all those T shirts you buy that are bright red sitting in the suitcase with your precious whites....till you get home and they have somehow mutated into a pink melange......oh my!!!! What???? Were they mating and gyrating furiously during the storm??!!

So then I was home for 5 days........a short stretch in anyone's book. Then I was off to the ranch in northern CA once again for 9 days. Nothing is as serene as northern CA in fall....except for the deer (its mating season) and the mountain lion alerts (apparently mating deer are yummy to the local big kitty population) and the traffic!!! Who hits bumper to bumper at 85 miles an hour on the way to the airport at 4:30 in the morning!!!!????

It was still an incredible week. The highlights of which were hearing Bob Proctor, Gerry Roberts and Paul Martinelli speak. We've worked for these guys almost 2 years now and this was the first time live! I have to admit they were different than my perceptions which was very good. I also got to hear Mark Victor Hansen talk about their new E-book business and his goal of selling 1 Billion books this year (yes that's with a B). It was incredible that the idea that me and Liz have had for the last few months is exactly on target with his ideas. Not only was he very encouraging, he said our goal of $1 Million by Dec 31 this year was a piss ant goal!!! So we've raised you all know....... and asked for a little help from our friends. We'll be in the US, Australia and India in just a few short weeks and our goal is to make millionaires out of every single TAG member that jumps in with us. Nothing like confirmation from the big guys to encourage you along the way!!!