Monday, January 19, 2009

Mexican Cruise Day 2

Our first day at sea!!! I’m wired (as in I have internet) and ready to roll. Of course we’re still on Texas time and got up at the crack of dawn – us and about 1000 little old people on the boat. I found the library/internet café and it’s really a nice set up. It was still very chilly out on deck and at one point we were completely fogged in – talk about creepy! But I stayed in the library and put in a full day’s work which was great since yesterday I didn’t get much done due to the travel day.

We didn’t do much around the ship except lose money at black jack. We had a great dinner with Bonnie and Howard and then decided to stay up for the midnight comedy show. It was not the best, but they usually have great comics on Carnival so we’ll try the next guy. We stayed up til 1 am – that’s pacific - so 3 am our time so we were tired and will totally sleep in tomorrow.

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