Monday, January 19, 2009

Mexican Cruise Day 3

We rolled out of bed about noonish and ordered our regular morning room service. We sat on the balcony, drank coffee and were generally lazy. I was going to go back and work – but it just didn’t happen. I played electronic poker all afternoon instead and didn’t even check my email. I looked around at the jewelry so I could get an idea of the prices. When we get to Mexico I want to have a good idea of price ranges on the boat so I can tell if it’s a better deal. Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not, especially if you look like stupid gringos – which we do. Bought a couple of T shirts cause I’m already out and Kevin’s not doing laundry until tomorrow when everyone else heads into Acapulco. Had dinner again with Bonnie and Howard and then played a while more in the casino. We also sat at the atrium bar where ‘Pat’ plays every night. He is the best country singer ever – sounds just like George Strait! And he does a great Willie and Waylon impression. Went to bed about midnightish…we were pooped…thank God there was no midnight show! We’re getting to old to hang with it….

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