Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Tomorrow!!

So tomorrow is the big day. We fly to Miami to begin our family cruise extravaganza. So far we seem to have everything in order. There was a very small blip this morning as Kaci's car broke down in Stinnett. Her Dad picked up the car and took it back home and I picked her up and brought her to Amarillo so no big deal. At least it will be fixed when she gets back.

I also picked up Kayla and we did the last trip to WalMart. We should be good to go and I think I have everything about packed. Didn't quite finish a couple of projects, but I guess it wouldn't be normal to actually go without work to do so I'm bringing them along.

We leave for the airport at a 6a tomorrow and should touch down in Miami shortly before 2pm so it will be a long day, but a relief once we all get there...of course there will be cruise updates!! so stay tuned.......