Sunday, November 30, 2008

4 days til Hawaii!

Can't wait to dip my toes in the Pacific and have 82 degree days every day for a week! Lots to do before hand and loose ends to tie up as always but its more exciting to have Hawaii for a deadline. Who wants to have to work on the beach? But then again, the fact that I can work on the beach if I choose to is a huge perk.

The fabulous Todd Dean was on the Wayne Resnick show in LA again last night and of course was great! See his website at We're finishing up the workshop info for his conference next week and can't wait to see the response.

Now for the castle update....

My brother helped get our xmas lights up and they look fab and now everyone on the block is lit up...its kind of neat to be on a block where everyone plays the Christmas game - although at night the sightseers really clog the streets. Not a big deal this year as we'll be in Hawaii for a week. The lights all have sensors and a timer so the show goes on whether we're here or not. Of course Steve's house is one of the main attractions in this part of town. If you go down the street between sonic and jiffy lube on Georgia, Steve's house is on the corner on the next block. He has about 70,000 lights and the show is set to music you can tune in to on your radio..its pretty neat actually.

The ghost has been pretty active lately. Of course Kevin is still in HUGE denial, but whatever. If he heard the knocking at 3 am he'd be freaked to. Other than that things are going well. The fishys seem to be doing well in the cold - their heater keeps the water above 42 so they seem happy. I'll have to have someone come check on them while we are in Hawaii.

Business for TAG is still running strong and this is usually our slowest time of year so we're excited that we have lots of work to do and our writers aren't twiddling their thumbs as they sometimes do around the holidays. Of course all this work does cut into my xmas movie viewing - but I'll suffer through it......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#1 On Amazon!!!

I'm thrilled to report that one of the books I ghostwrote has just gone to #1 in its category on Amazon and its quickly climbing the overall list. It's Joe Vitale's newest book, Expect Miracles and its just in time for the Christmas season. Needless to say our value as ghostwriters just took a big leap! I have a feeling that several of the clients we're working with right now will really bring TAG into the limelight as the ghostwriters to have do your book.

One of those clients is of course our very favorite - Todd Dean. We're finishing up the seminar workbook (chris is) that will be used in Waikiki in December and getting the presentation ready. Todd will be appearing on Island Television News This Morning (ABC Affiliate) in Hawaii on Dec 2 and we're really thinking that will help kick things off.

Its hard to concentrate on work when the universe love us so much.....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Waikiki here we come!

We booked flights today for the whole & Kevin, Liz and Greg, and Chris and Maegan. The whole TAG Team...pun intended. Chris seemed excited and I have to say that he is doing a stellar job on the companion workbook to Todd's book for the seminar attendees. Maegan is his squeeze. We got to meet her last week and she seems really sweet...and WAY too skinny. We told Chris she needs to gain about 80 pounds before Hawaii.

A quick pond update - we got a new Plecko since the others died. He is HUGE. Gina thinks his size will help him no be so affected by the cold. I also did quite a bit of research on them and apparently, while they are algae eaters, they are a type of catfish and somewhat none discriminate in there foraging habits. I was a little concerned that he might not get enough to eat since we killed off all the algae. I discovered that the larger Pleckos like zucchini slices. So I went and bout a zucchini and followed the instructions posted on the Internet and softened them in the nuke-o-wave. I dropped in a couple yesterday but the fish ignored them. I was a little dejected, but today I go out and - no zucchini - and he was much more active than he's been. I deduced he was hunting for more zucchini so I dropped in a couple more. We'll see if he gobbles those too. Of course I didn't want a dog because they are a hassle to feed and here I am cooking zucchini for a fish....oh well..

The IRA book is coming out Oct 30 and you can get a copy on amazon or b&n or pretty much anywhere. I'm anxious to see it but I still think the cover stinks. I'm catching up on many other projects so I'm contemplating my next new project...I'm sure it will be in the financial area especially since the market is so ripe for it.