Thursday, April 06, 2006

When Things Come Together

There have been times(many times) when I decided to do something and everyday after that was a struggle. Nothing came easy and every path I tried seemed strewn with boulders the size of a Chevy. But this week things seem to be coming together....Really gelling....You know, like the commercial "Are you gelling?" yes indeed I am.

Its times like these they I try to remember when the rocky road of writing turns to ice. Why is it that the bad lingers so long in a person's mind, while the good is a fleeting thrill that's soon forgotten? That's one advantage of writing things down. You have a record of the good and can go back and capture that emotion when things are tough. You can also see how far you've come. While it doesn't lessen the blow when bad things happen it lessens the sting a bit. I would encourage every person out there to journal or blog the events of their writing life to remember the good. BTW I added two things to my One Thing a Day list. Yeah me!

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