Thursday, April 13, 2006


What happened to spring?? This time last year we had snow....Today it is 90 degrees. How wrong is it when the back of your knees sweat?? I'm busy, busy today writing and submitting. I finished two editing assignments this week and yesterday I finished and submitted another article to Black Finance. This one on questions you should ask about your 401k. Thing that gets me about people and their money is how complacent they become. They don't step back and think, Hey! This is my life here!!

The same is true about the writing life. I had lunch today with a writer friend (the fabulous Jennifer Archer) and she talked about how she's just realizing how much of a time waster she is. Aren't we all though? Yes, we are. Its easy to get used to the ebb and flow of life. You FEEL busy, but are you busy doing the things that move your writing career forward? Every so often it really helps to stand back and evaluate how you are handling your career. Think about it, even top CEOs take time to evaluate how things are going and what needs to change to get things moving again. And that's what you are. CEO of your writing career. If you don't like where it's at, or feel stuck in a grind, then you have the power to change.

Here's a suggestion: Take a week and account for every day, in 15 minutes intervals. This is similar to how they used to have you account for all your calories before you started a diet. This is a time diet. Get a little notebook, then write down what you are doing every 15 minutes of the day. After you have a full week(include the weekend), then evaluate where you spend your time and how much of it is really devoted to 'necessary' things, and how much is just 'wasted'. The biggest complaint that most writers have is lack of time to write. When you sit back and evaluate your week, I guarantee you will find many hours that are completely wasted. Resolve to use that time to your best writing advantage, then get after it.

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