Monday, April 03, 2006

Time for a Change

In the spring, I like the time change. Longer days, shorter nights, deck date weather. What is a deck date? Its when you and your spouse sit out on deck each evening and watch the sunset. It may seem a bit boring to some, but it is wonderful bonding time for us. Away from the kids, away from the phone, away from everything. Definitely worth looking forward to after a long winter.

I'm breathing a big sigh of relief this morning. The last event I have on my calendar for this spring is now over and I can look forward to two months of quality writing time. Not that I didn't enjoy the classes, meetings and seminars tremendously. Saturday, we had a critique boot camp with about 65 attendees. They were wonderful and the day went very well.

I spent most of the week with the speakers and one in particular was really encouraging. Linda Rohrbough is a nonfiction writer that is making her way into the realm of fiction. She pointed out several areas of writing expertise that I have that have been languishing the last few years. I'd like to move into some nonfiction and her suggestion was that each day I need to do one thing toward that goal.

It sounds so simple, one thing. Yet how many days went by last year that I didn't do one thing toward my writing goals. How many weeks? Yes, there were entire weeks I did nothing. How do I expect to make writing my entire life if I can't do one thing each day toward my goal? So I am making a resolution(I don't care if it isn't Jan 1; it still counts): I will do one thing each day toward my goal and I will write down that one thing and keep track of it. I'll let you know how I do, and I want to know how you do too. How many things have you done this week toward your writing goals?

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Jennifer said...

You can do it Dee! You do more in a day than just about anyone I know!