Sunday, October 09, 2011

Staying In

So today we stopped at Isla Rhotan, Honduras. Unless you want to rent a car or go on an excursion, there is nothing to do here but shop - which is my least favorite activity. So I bought a Christmas ornament and got back on the boat – Kevin didn’t even get off. We had decided to take a day off and rest and with everyone else off the boat we had it mostly to ourselves. We learned a long time ago that it’s the best time to use the pools and whirlpools as you feel like you are all by yourselves. We suited up and went to the back pool which is the adults only pool and there were only a very few people. The clouds covered the sun on and off and we swam in the pool, used the whirlpool and enjoyed various fruity drinks.
Actually I didn’t do as good a job as I should have with the sunscreen and did get a little more red than I would have liked. A sunburn can make me sick really easily and tomorrow we are supposed to be on Seven Mile beach in Grand Cayman so we’ll see.

We did go up and eat at the supper club which was nice.

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