Sunday, October 09, 2011

All Aboard!

We arrived about 11 ish as we normally do at the cruise terminal on cruise day. We had no issues and were checked in and ushered on board within an hour. The boat is the Legend – one we haven’t been on so far. The ship is definitely laid out differently than what we are used to because we usually stay on deck six because the promenade is on deck five.  But on this boat, the promenade is on deck 2! So a little adjustment is in order. Lunch was salad – we are trying to eat better this cruise, and after a little exploring the cabin was ready. So great to be back ‘home’. Duncan is our cabin steward for the week and I’m thrilled to have a steward with a name shorter than 13 letters that I can pronounce! We sailed away from Tampa Bay at 5ish – but the bay is pretty big so an hour later we were just sliding under the bridge at the mouth of the bay! The water isn’t the pretty blue yet that it is in the gulf but I’m sure it will be by the time we get up tomorrow. 

We have noticed that this boat is far from full. Kind of nice actually and we’ve seen very few ankle biters – also good news and mostly attributed to the time of year. At dinner, we met our dinner mates. Eric and Trina, newlyweds from Tampa Bay. Eric is 32 and a minister, and Trina is 40 and a day care director. Nice people. We puttered around the casino, I played a little poker and then we called it a night. Tomorrow is a fun day at sea so we can sleep in.

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