Sunday, October 09, 2011

Eatin Turtle

So we’re floating toward Grand Cayman this morning and laying in bed. I say, “you know it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we just blew off the beach today.” He says, “You know I was hoping you would say that cause I’ve had about enough of that tropical sun!” So we didn’t go on our excursion. We did get off the boat and roam around town. We found a little restaurant called ‘Paradise’ down a ways from the shopping area. It sits on the water and allows people to snorkel right from their deck. We sat and watched people snorkel and ate a bite of lunch. They had sea turtle on the menu among other things. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Grand Cayman, they actually farm green sea turtles as a source of food. Literally tens of thousands of turtles nest there so its been a source of food since people have lived on the islands. It just seems bizarre to us because in the US if you so much as touch a sea turtle, you will be arrested for some kind of animal welfare foul. Anyway I wanted to try it. They had a burger and they had soup. The soup seemed more tame so I went that direction. It was actually pretty good. Much like your normal beef stew. The turtle meat was like a cross between beef and pork and was a little fatty so more like pork I’d say. It definitely did not taste like chicken!

I really just wanted to try it so I did and it was fine. We also shared a chicken wrap which was very good – and yes it tasted like chicken! We puttered around then got back on the boat and napped again. I was glad we didn’t go to the beach as it was an oppressively hot day and I wouldn’t have lasted 20 minutes!

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