Sunday, October 09, 2011

Off to the Birthday Cruise!

We are off cruising once again. This time we will be going out of Tampa Bay and the ports are Cozumel, Belize, Isla Rhoatan(Honduras), and Grand Cayman. We’ve been to Cozumel and Grand Cayman before a couple of times but Belize and Honduras are new. Of course I failed right off the bat to follow up on my administrative duties and check us in so we were in later group B & group C to board our flights. Can you say middle seat?? Actually it wasn’t that bad – it never is on the way out, it’s the way back where everyone gets bitchy.
I’ll admit it was sad to leave Bubby, but he will have Lyssa to play with at night and of course his day pack (Liz and Chris) will still be there so I’m sure the little doggy will survive. I’m just ready to get some vacation underway! 

We are staying at the Riverwalk Sheraton in Tampa and its pretty nice. There is apparently an ER nurses convention in town so we’ve seen lots of nurses. There are also a couple of weddings going on in the hotel. One is Greek or European of some sort (lots of cheek kissing) and the other seems to be locals. They both seem to be pretty formal affairs. Although after seeing some of the girls dresses (bandaids would cover more and show less) and shoes (stilts are lower) I have to wonder – since when did formal attire include ‘Ho wear? If you can see clear up to the va jay jay in their wedding gear what the heck do they wear to the clubs? I hate to think. 

Here's a view of Tampa Bay. We ate at a place called Mangroves and it was nice. Then we spent some time lounging in the pool under the stars… a great way to start relaxing. Tomorrow, the boat!

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