Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sailing on the Ocean Blue

Today is a great day at sea! Calm water and beautiful blue – tidy bowl blue in fact. I’m always amazed at how blue the gulf water is compared to other oceans – even the Caribbean is a much darker shade and not near as pretty.

Today we spent exploring the boat and finding everything. I was so proud of myself for packing my Prevacid (the new tummy wonderdrug) so I could eat virtually anything I wanted. And I did yesterday – I mixed various liquors, fruity drinks, wine, cokes and various other things…so this morning imagine my disappointment to find that I had packed the EMPTY bottle of pills instead of the new full one! Obviously my mind was already on vacation as I packed. So I’ll have to take it easier and drink lots of milk (booooo).

I played poker today with a variety of peeps from all over but mostly from Tampa Bay. There are a lot of older people on this cruises versus what you get on the boats that go from the other side of Florida. I was shocked that by midnight the casino was almost deserted and the nightclubs were empty…which is fine by me but not what you see on the bigger boats where they go until 3 am or so.

I know everyone is looking forward to Cozumel tomorrow as are we. This time instead of just doing some shopping, we decided to book an all day excursion to Passion Island – where they film the Corona commercials. I just hope there is some shade because getting sunburned at the first stop will mean disaster for the other since they are all back to back. We will see how it goes.

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