Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Atlanta RWA Conference Wrap up

Conference turned out to be great! I was able to talk to and meet everyone on my target list. I also ran across a few other people that turned out to be great contacts. The big news is that Jodi Thomas(my long time mentor and critique partner) won her third RITA. They also inducted her into the Hall of Fame. Winning a RITA is very much like winning an Oscar(except it is for writing) and just as hard. To win three times in the same category is truly a career accomplishment and one I hope to achieve one day. I also took lots of pictures at the awards and at the author book signing. As soon as I get them burned to CD I will post a few of them.

Some of the more interesting people I met turned out to be Canadian. Which is really handy since I've been editing a book for a Canadian lady that had some uniquely Canadian expressions and slang that I didn't get. They sat at the bar with us one night and explained most of it. I also found out that one of them had family from Jamaica (where we are cruising to in a short 54 days) and she gave me the low down on what to do and see.

I'm still very tired, but ready to get back to work. I'm copy editing a book on wellness during pregnancy today and then will be working on the plastic surgery book. I also accepted an assignment to ghost write a book for a group of realtors that is designed to help women get into real estate. It looks like fun. The publisher that I ghost write for has asked me to be a project manager for them and I think I'm going to do it. Seems like a natural for me.

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