Thursday, August 17, 2006


You know I just figured out that if you don't sleep, you get a whole nother 8 hours in your day. Imagine that! I stayed up til 1:30 this morning inputing changes and printing out a copy of Frenemies for Jenny to take to Colorado with her. I dropped them off in the wee hours. Was very proud of myself too...until I got up and realized I left my last four chapters on the printer. So I'm sure Jenny will be wondering what the heck happened.

Though I should be tired, I'm excited because my author copies of Credit Union Buiness came today and the article looks great. My kids are now gone and the house is quiet. IT'S FABULOUS! I will actually be able to get some work done . And it's a good thing because I'm loaded up with projects over the next couple of months. Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work I go.

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jen said...

you know why college kids live off Red Bulls and chocolate-covered esspresso beans?!?! b/c they too think that by not sleeping, they can double their productivity. not good. hahahaha...but i did find that the sugar-free Red Bulls taste like liquid smarties, though they would prob keep you awake for days. hahaha...

and good to see that you miss us, Mum. haha...just kidding. i'm sure you're just excited to have your coffee table clutter-free. =)