Thursday, July 20, 2006

Book Covers and Editing Projects

I finally got a photo of the cover for one of the books I did a copy edit on.

It is for an optometrist with a really interesting story. I also accepted another ghost writing job, this one for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Looks to be just as interesting.

I'm finishing up the edits on another book which took me a little bit longer but hopefully I'll have it done before I leave for Atlanta next week. I have the preliminary cover for that one too, but it's not been given final approval yet so I can't post it. It is really a neat cover though.

The ghost writing and the editing have proven to be very steady work. I also have two articles coming out this next month, one in Route 66 Pulse and the other in Credit Union Business magazine. I'll post those clips on the website as soon as I get my copies.

In other news, Class Registration opens up at Amarillo College on July 24th(next Monday) for the two writing classes I'm doing this fall. They are "Writing the Great American Novel" and "Critique for Writers". I hope to see some new faces as well as a few familiar ones. If you know of anyone in this area who might like to give it a whirl, have them call AC at 806-371-2921. Or register online at


Jennifer said...

Very cool to see the cover, Dee! Wow, you've been busy. Are you ready for Atlanta? I am, although I'm behind with my writing and anticipate having to do some long days of catch-up when I return! What time does your plane leave on Weds?

Andrea Tucker said...

Nice cover, Dee! Do you anticipate needing to come to California and meet with this plastic surgeon? Beverly Hills is only an hour away from us. I think it would be a great time to come and stay...just a thought! Hope you are well and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

dee said...

Jenny - due to the food poisoning event this weekend, I'm soooo behind....I did however make it to the mall...but didn't find a thing! I'm trying not to panic....

Andrea - thanks and if I do get to go to California for this thing, I'll give you a call!