Monday, August 07, 2006

Time to Query

Its time once again for another round of magazine queries. You have to consistently send these little babies out if you want consistent cash flow. And who doesn't want that?? Speaking of cash flow, I got my brother's money in the poker game on Saturday, as expected. I really should write some articles on how gender differences effect poker players. It is really interesting.

The collegiates will be home this weekend!! Exciting and sad too cause Jen won't be a collegiate anymore. She'll have a real job. And who knows when she will be able to come home again. Oh well, that's the way things should be I guess. Today I'm working on the plastic surgery thing again and waiting on final edits to come in from the author for the Canadian book. I'm anticipating a very busy weekend again next week.


Jennifer said...

Hi Dee,

My collegiates will also be home this weekend. Only the one who WASN'T a collegiate last semester, is about to be again, and the one who WAS a collegiate last semester, won't be. Sigh. I can't keep track of them.

Good luck on the queries. Send me a bottle of your energy, would you?

dee said...

Isn't it weird that college kids can swap around their whole lives on what seems like a whim? Not realizing that these could be life altering decisions? Its probably best they not realize that or they would be afraid of doing anything I guess. I'll see you at the book signing on Sat!!