Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weddings, Poker and Books OH MY!!

I hardly feel like I've had any down time since conference but I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be. This weekend is a great time to catch up so I'm working on the plastic surgery book this afternoon. The only problem is that this kind of book makes you really look at yourself in the mirror every morning and know I could do something about all these wrinkles...and the droopy eyes and the turkey waddle...and.... and.....geee........I'm old.......when did that happen??

Tonight Kevin and I are going to a wedding. Jodi Thomas' oldest son is getting married. I can't even remember the last wedding I went to. It seems like all we go to these days is funerals. How depressing. Does that mean we are getting old or what? At least tonight will be a happy occasion.

In other news, the little brother laid down his Harley yesterday and broke his arm and shoulder in four places. Like everyone in the family didn't tell him that would happen. So was he grateful that he didn't die? Or didn't split his head open? Or be paralyzed for life? NO. He was just glad they didn't have to do surgery because that would have ruined his new tattoo. Yeah. I know. So glad he has his priorities straight after 35 years. So now that he is laid up, he called to see if I could come over and play some poker with some of his buddies he works with at the hospital. He said it was a great time to take his money since he's doped up on painkillers. Yes, I was laughing. EVERYDAY is a great day to take his money at the poker table. I guess if I was a good sister I would suggest some great books for him to read to improve his game. Naaahhh. I'd rather just take his money. Obviously he has to learn everything the hard way.

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