Friday, October 06, 2006

Back to Reality

So sad to be back.....the cruise was wonderful! We ate, drank and made merry!! The islands were beyond my expectation, except for Jamaica. We took a tour to the Appleton Rum estate and it was a 2 hour drive through some really depressing areas of Jamaica. The scenery was beautiful, but the people didn't have electricity or running water and the roads were terrible. Its not exactly a place you feel safe either. So definitely not something I would do again.

Grand Cayman however was another story. Being a British territory it was very clean and wonderful (though a tad expensive). Seven Mile beach was so beautiful, you stand there thinking that it's fake. But it's not. The Sea Turtle farm was fabulous!! So different from here where they are almost sacred beings. There, they raise them for food! I would totally love to buy a house on Grand Cayman ...and their tax free status is certainly attractive. Maybe someday.

Cozumel was great too, and very cheap. They have recovered nicely from the hurricane, a short ten months ago and we had some great Mexican food and I bought a fabulous necklace that I love. We are already talking about going back there for a long weekend. (Tip: cash is king in Mexico!!)

I hated to come back to real life, but that's the way it is. At least I have the writer's weekend in Santa Fe to look forward to (Oct 20-22). Then its off to VEGAS BABY!!! (Nov 1-5). Did I mention that I made $340 on the last day of the cruise playing poker? Schmucks abound even on the high seas.

Now it's back to work. Bummer.

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Desperate Writer said...

It's great that you enjoyed your cruise! Glad you are home safe.