Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Santa Fe Writers Weekend

It is a cold and dreary day today but I'm working diligently on my projects this week to get ready to be gone to Santa Fe over the weekend. We are having a brainstorming session (me and 3 other writers). I can't wait!! Mountain air, a Kiva fireplace and hot coffee....mmmm....makes me very writer like. Everyone is bringing at least one or two book ideas to brainstorm and I think I will go back to one I started a couple of years ago. Some writers that first read the idea thought it would be difficult to sell. But I still like the idea and want to explore it. I think that sometimes when experienced writers tell you that it may be hard to sell, they are saying that it is very different: and isn't that the whole point? Ultimately it may never see the light of day on a bookshelf, but the idea just won't die and keeps pestering me beyond reason. So I guess this may either be the start of something great or an exorcism of an idea. Either way it will be great to finally explore it.

The Classes I teach at AC are almost over. So sad. I always get so much renewed energy from the students. I will be doing the same slate of classes for the spring beginning in Mid January, but we may change the line up a little for the fall and include a Ghostwriting/Freelance class. I'm speaking on that subject at the Panhandle Professional Writer's meeting in January so we'll see what kind of interest there is for a class.

I'm finishing up the ghostwriting project for the Real Estate book this week (woo hoo!) and will be starting another one concerning cosmetic procedures. How I got to be the plastic surgery guru, I don't know. Just happenstance I guess that those projects gravitate toward me. I will be working on my next article for the January Issue of Credit Union Business as well which will be about Supplemental Executive Retirement plans.

Meanwhile, I will be planning my own retirement to the Cayman Islands.....I hate winter.

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