Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We move this Saturday!!

Its been a flurry of activity around here this week getting this house ready to lease. I have to say our renovations look pretty snazzy and we put the 'For Rent' sign out in the yard last weekend. We got quite a few calls so I'm sure we'll have it rented in no time.

We haven't packed as much as I'd like - okay I haven't packed as much as I should - Kevin is already packed and ready to roll. We have given away ten years+ worth of crap and I'm sure will be giving away more. I went and verified furniture deliveries for Saturday and me & Liz picked out two matching executive desks for the office. So the it will be two desks and the red couch so far in the office.

I'm really excited and went to the pet store to look at some fish for my new outdoor fountain/pond. I thought I wanted some KOI so I got a KOI for dummies book - turns out I don't' want KOI - They get really big and need all this special stuff. What I need is a fish that looks pretty and doesn't really need to be feed on a regular basis - turns out that's called a goldfish.
So once we have the little fountain cleaned, I'm planning on getting a few bug eyed goldfish - Perhaps a Black pair named Esmeralda and Elvis or a bright gold pair named Ed & Betty - what do you all think?

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JenRen said...

Esmerelda and Elvis!