Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Made It!!

So we are moved in!! - Not unpacked mind you, but moved. They delivered the bedroom furniture and the matching desks for our office. The red couch makes its appearance on Thursday along with the Frig. You know you never realize how attached you are to your frig until you are without one....I've had to ice down my bottles of wine in the sink for the last few days.

We absolutely love the house!!Kevin is on cloud nine and has been trying out all the neat features of the house - like the doorbell on the backdoor which is really annoying to me since I come downstairs to answer the front door and no one is there. And then there are all the various jets that come out of the wall in the master shower. I didn't notice them really or play with them - I just took a shower cause I wanted to get clean. Of course I'm a girl and that's what we do. Kevin however had to play with all the gadgets so he took a long shower then proceeds to tell me how cool the 'butt hole' cleaners are in the shower and how its the cleanest his butt hole has ever been. Really? Did ya have to share that??? Oh the joys of marrying a redneck. He has also arranged his 'man cave' with his desk, computer, TV, video games and beer frig which is the envy of all the guys who have been to the house so far.

Hopefully we'll be out of the boxes soon and can start having people over. For now, back to work!!


Britta Coleman said...

Congrats on the new house! I totally want to come and visit. But tell your husband I don't want to hear any of his hygiene stories.

School starts for me this week, but I'm planning a phone call to hear all your latest news.

Dee is movin-on-up!

dee said...

THanks and drop by anytime!!! Our names are now Geroge and weezie!
Kevin has been playing with one new toy every few days....over the weekend it was the spa tube and tonight it was the sprinkler timers...at least he read the instructions....