Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Read All About It!!

We've been so busy my head is still spinning!! BUT we are solidifying plans to get our little publishing company off the ground. So Excited!! The offical name will be TAG Publishing, LLC. We've got our fall line up solidified and are tentatively and very selectively looking for manuscripts for next year. We've decided to launch a fiction line and add to the nonfiction line we currently have. Those of you reading this blog are the first to know - so pass it on but only to the very best writers or agents that you know.

The nonfiction line will consist of our writer's reference books (we will continue "The Wealthy Writer" series) as well as self help and financial books. That's not to say we won't entertain other ideas in the area, but they have to be good! (DUH!) Our next book in the non-fiction arena is The Wealth Attraction Factor and will come out in Hardback in October. We will be following that up with our first fiction release, The Christmas Rat - a small hardback gift book that details one family's zany xmas! Our publishing website will be up soon and I will keep you posted as to the new developments.

If you know of someone who may be interested in sending us an idea, please let them know to send queries and the first ten pages to: TAG Publishing, LLC P.O. Box 8975 Amarillo TX 79114.


Travis Erwin said...

Wow Dee, That sounds like quit an undertaking. I'm, eager to hear more. Hope to catch up to you at the conference.

dee said...

I'll be there...hope to see you...