Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Class, No Divorce

We had the first meeting of our ghostwriting and freelance class last night at AC and I think it went very well. There are 14 total signed up and all but one showed (or let me know they had to be gone)! They were very receptive to the ideas and I think it will be a great class even though its only six weeks long.

One of the students is a teacher from England, Sally Vaughan, who has been over here on a teacher exchange program. She's a house guest of Jodi Thomas' right now and is incredibly delightful! (gee you can almost hear my English accent!). After class we went back to Jodi's and had a fine time chatting about the oddities and frustrations of the book business - but that and two bottles of wine is still a good time!!

For those of you (my spouse in particular) who are wondering about the mysterious nature of my last post, NO I'M NOT GETTING DIVORCED! It's weird when your husband reads your blog and then says, "Ummm, is there something I need to know?" Really! I think when he read the "has been a thorn in my butt for years" part he just assumed it was him.


Travis Erwin said...

After two bottles of wine I'm surprised you didn't let the cat out of the bag and confess to the nature of said thorn.

But I suppose you are too smart to blog while under the influence.

dee said...

I try really hard to blog with a clear mind - but I have been known to leave a drunken comment or two on other blogs!