Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vegas is the BOMB!

Back from our most recent tour of Vegas....actually the only thing I toured was the poker tables. I played mostly at Binion's and the Golden Nugget. We went down to Caesar's to eat at Bobby Flay's place, Mesa Grill and it was great! So was the Australian Rock Lobster at Binion's Steak House. Unfortunately we had to return to real life....Bummer.

At least I got a little reading in on the plane. I read Nora Ephron's book, I Hate My Neck, and it was really funny. Quite the commentary for women over 40 - I loved her take on the purse issue. I also started a book called Stumbling On Happiness. Which is basically an explanation of why we think we know what we want, but when we get it it wasn't really what we wanted. It was written by a Harvard Psychology professor who has a surprisingly fabulous sense of humor.

I also discovered a love for mudslide martinis and indulged it on this trip. yummy. On the project front, I have been assigned two more articles for Credit Union Business and am finishing up some projects for Life Success. Liz and I are working on the content for our ghostwriting and freelance class that starts at Amarillo College at the end of May. We're also getting ready for our preconference workshop that we will be doing at the Agents & Editors conference in Austin in June.

I can't believe our book will be out June 1!! So excited. I spent some time today researching more conferences and possible speaking gigs to promote the book. Time is passing very quickly and I've already given notice that I will be quitting my day job in September. In order for that to happen on schedule, I am going back to spending a higher percentage of my time on the marketing and promotion side of things to get as many projects as possible in the works.

We will be having another get together for the members of TAG the third weekend in April. We'll be able to conference in the editors from Louisiana too so that will be neat. And best of all, JEN WILL BE HOME!! She hasn't been home in ages so I can't wait. And now that she is doing some editing for TAG she might as well learn the whole ball of wax.


Anonymous said...

Wait, what?!?! You're quitting your job in September?!?!


When did this happen?!?! WHY AM I OUT OF THE LOOP?!?!! XP

Anyways, glad to see things in the writing world are going well. Can't wait to see you in like...12 DAYS! XD

dee said...

That's what happens when you never call home....you become 'unlooped.' I 'll fill you in on everything when you get here.