Saturday, March 24, 2007

Book Cover

We got a preview of our book cover this week. Looks neat doesn't it? We are scheduled to do a pre-conference workshop for the Writer's League of Texas at the Agent's and Editors conf in Austin June 15-17. The books are scheduled to be here June 1 so we should have them for the FiW conference as well. So much Excitement!!
Landed two more assignments from CU Business this week and am wrapping up one more ghostwriting project for a client in London. Then I should be good to go to VEGAS!!!
We leave Tuesday for another trip and we're staying downtown again. However I will be visiting the Bellagio for the $1000 tourney on Friday night. We'll also be at Caesar's on Thursday - Kevin got us reservations at Bobby Flay's place. He did them a month in advance and it was still tough to get in!! I need to ghostwrite a book for a celebrity chef!!
Our Ghostwriting/Freelance class for beginners starts in May and we're working on the curriculum. It's a short, six week class but I think it will be pretty good. We're also speaking at the PPW meeting in July so we'll have another chance to present our book.
The ad campaign for starts next week so I'm hoping April will be a very busy month(if it could get any busier). That's another reason for the Vegas trip - a little R & R before all H*** breaks loose!

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