Thursday, September 07, 2006

Color Me Worthless

As the cruise approaches I find it harder and harder to concentrate. I think my mind has already left for Jamaica, but we are actually still 16 days away. *sigh* A quick update on the busy busy fall schedule:

Classes: So far I haven't lost anyone yet. Which is very good. Sometimes after the first class, there will be a certain amount of attrition when they realize that these classes are for serious writers, not wanna bes. But so far so good. More good news on that front, the wonderful and funny Candy Havens has agreed to speak at my Thursday night class on Sept 21. What a treat that will be. Her new book just came out last week and you can check it out at

Writing Projects: I've pretty much wrapped up the plastic surgery book and am already starting on the real estate book. The Canadian novel that I edited is in the bag and I'm looking forward to having most everything wrapped up before we go cruisin.....on the ocean, with fruity drink in distracted again.

Pricker update: Just when you think all is well, we've had yet another incident with the cactus. The same day I posted about how big they were and how much they'd grown, someone (I'm guessing a kid) came along and kicked the crap out them. So I go home after my first class last week and my husband was like, "I've got some bad news." So I'm thinking maybe someone has died - or worse, they CANCELLED THE CRUISE! But no. It was the fact that there were now pieces of my wonderful little cactus scattered all over the alley. Sad, Sad day. But I was too tired to go look at the damage until the next night. They were stomped all right, but seemed to be perking back up. Now, a week later, they have sprung back to life and are growing very well. I'm still convinced they are the perfect plant. Not only do they deter adolescents wielding cans of spray paint, they apparently are indestructible.


jen said...

hahahaha...excellent!!! *taps fingers together in an evil manner* i have a feeling those black-hearted fiends will rethink their cactus-stomping ways soon enough. either that, or they'll have to go buy new shoes. ;)

Desperate Writer said...

I hope they got good and pricked, the little bast--brats.

Andrea Tucker said...

Brings back just can't kill those things...especially when you want to.

Sounds like you've been overly productive...why don't you take a cruise or something...relax, sip something with an umbrella. Hope you are well.