Tuesday, February 17, 2009

5 things....

I saw this on Britta's blog about 5 things she did this weekend(http://brittacoleman1.blogspot.com/) and decided to participate. I agree that whole "25 things about me" is way to intimidating so here goes....5 things I did this weekend:

1. watched my husband try to unstop the sink....I'm not sure what exactly happened, but apparently, while he was furiously plunging he created some sort of vacuum that made the refuse water shoot out the vent pipe that is on the roof right above the kitchen window....so...as foamy, liquid plumber laden water was draining off the roof, my husband just stands there going "that can't be good."

2. had rib eyes and lobster for valentine's dinner - okay they were lobster tails...and it was the same experience I always have when eating lobster...two bites, six dollars, really???

3. Worked on TAG Covers - Warren's is on my last post.....Andrea and David's I'm finishing this week before Vegas and I really like the colors they have picked...a dark teal - very pretty

4. Went shopping to walmart - I know this is probably something that other people do all the time....but I very rarely ever go to walmart...and they really didn't have anything so it was a wasted trip for the most part...so on the way back we stopped at Exotic Aquatics and got some stuff for the fishys...(oops, I mean sea kittens!)

5. Watched Todd's book hit #1 on Amazon.com in two categories - Financial planning and budgeting/money management. We'll be in Vegas this next weekend at his next seminar(http://www.tdean.com/) ....of course, being in Vegas will probably produce a really interesting '5 things' list for next weekend!!!


Jennifer said...

1. Enjoyed my brother and sister--both guests at my house.
2. Finished reading THE READER, my book group's selection for the month. Now I want to see the movie
3. Read the opening of a story one of my creative writing students -- Kirsten, a teenager -- is working on. (It's fabulous!)
4. Ate cheese fries and half a green chile burger at Coyote Bluff--one of my town's best holes in the wall for lunch. And shared a chocolate meringue BITTY PIE (another good Amarillo hole in the wall) with my sis. I will have to eat healthy all week to make up for this one weekend.
5. Watched an old scary (and a bit cheesy) Kevin Bacon movie called STIR OF ECHOES and loved it. (I love cheesy scary movies.)

dee said...

sounds like a great weekend!