Friday, September 19, 2008

Pond drama.... was the day to go and pick out the lucky little goldfish that will get to inhabit our pond. I had thought we'd get six decent sized (4 or 5 inch) ones and that would be enough. Wellllll......there were two black ones (Esmeralda and Elvis) and one large calico(Spot just doesn't sound right for a fish). There there were two orange and white ones with these weird bubbles below their eyes....but they were smaller....THEN.....there were two yellow/black ones with pompadours....THEN there were two smaller gold ones with pompadours......sooo

You guessed it, they are all ours....NINE gold fish (plus one large and two small algae eaters to suck up all the fish crap) it will be a full pond....but most of them aren't that big. Of course they will all grow. Gina said if they get too big, we can swap them out for smaller ones so they don't overwhelm the pond. What a concept...too bad you can't do that with dogs, where every time your puppy outgrows the 'cute' phase you swap it out for another puppy! Dog lovers - don't email me, I'm not a dog person and don't care. I'm all about pets you can flush if they croak.

I have been working a lot, but that's normal for this time of year. We got a video camera to film some short clips for clients for video blogs and websites and of course as soon as I figure it out I will post video of the pond participants....

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