Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to Marry For Money

So we started a new book for a client called "How to Marry for Money". It is very much a smart ass how to manual for the lovelorn and finacially destitute - and its a lot of fun. Also on the menu is a sassy real estate book, a new solution for back pain, and the details of the worlds best money seminar. As busy as things are, they are really quite fun and entertaining as we don't get to do creative books very often.

Also working on the next couple of installments of my leadership series for CU Business. Hard to believe its been almost a year since it started. Its been a lot of fun and I've met some great business gurus like John Maxwell and Tom Feltenstien.

Also on the agenda is the final push for the ebook site. I talked to the developers today about how many people can download at once and he started in about bandwidth and mega giga bites....kind of like when Charlie Brown's teacher talks...wha wha wha.....that's all I heard. I just wanted to know if twenty thousand people downloaded at once would it work...he answered me but I still don't know. The correct answer is "of course it will" even if it won't, I wouldn't know the difference and I'd feel much better about the whole thing.

We also got three more fish - I know i KNOW...its eleven now and if they keep shitting in the pond, we'll have mud soon but oh well...we also now have lights on the fountain at night so its like a miniature Caesar's Palace...if you're around, come by and take a peek... Harley (my niece) was over this weekend and named the big fat one Nimo...I forgot what she named the other one...anyway when I have pictures, we finish the official naming....

Since several people know that we're writing a book about marrying for money, the question has come up....What would you do for a million dollars? So I ask - how low would you go?

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