Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Listen Up You Blog Stalkers!!

It has been pointed out that I have been incredibly remiss in my blogging - which is true...I've been swamped since the cruise which turned out to be a trip of a lifetime for everyone. I think we inducted a whole new generation of cruise lovers!! Jen & Ryan seemed to be quite smitten with the boat and ports of call and Ryan even went para sailing!

I'm not sure why the person who was the most reluctant to get on the boat (all that water you know!) ends up being the one tethered to a speed boat like a kite in St. Thomas. As most of you know I would highly recommend a cruise.
So anyway, like I said, we got back and I am swamped - which is good. We got our ebook site in the design phase and after some misses, they finally hit one out of the park!! The design is awesome and we should be ready to launch in the next month or so. We're presenting the idea in Dallas this week for one of our publishers and so far everyone who has seen it has loved the concept. It looks like a winner!
Added to the flurry of activity during this, our busy season, my husband finds a house online. We've been haphazardly and not really seriously looking at moving to a nicer home. We've gone to many open houses, but nothing has really struck as right. Not even close enough to investigate the financing. So we go and see this house which is really just a few block from where we are now. For those of you in Amarillo, we currently live in white trash Wolflin. This house is in REAL Wolfin. Anyway, I really liked it. So we began investigating financing and over the last few weeks everything has completely fallen into place. We're keeping our current house as our first investment property and will be leasing it out soon. We close on the new house the third week in August.
Since I'm so busy I'm seriously considering piling all our current crap in the yard and setting it ablaze...out with the old, you know. Below is the virtual tour of the new house and if you see a blaze in the yard of a house in white trash Wolflin soon, you'll know we moved.

Virtual tour:

Click here to view: http://www.visualtour.com/shownp.asp?t=1380282&sk=1&prt=10003


Travis Erwin said...

I love a good bonfire.

*Tyler* said...

How exciting Dee! You're going to feel like you're living in a castle once you make the big move. It's very pretty. What fun you'll have decorating. It reminds me somewhat of Jodi's house.

dee said...

Thanks Tyler! I think we'll love it ...though it may be a bit empty for a while since I'm not sure what I want to do decorating wise...and Travis, I'm sure I can count on you to roast a few marshmellows in celebration of the event.

Britta Coleman said...

Gorgeous house, Dee! Question: will they let you dig up your roses and transplant???

dee said...

not exactly....I've given some of them away to a good home who will love them approproately....I'm ordering new versions of my favorites...and the rest I will visit on occasion cause we're keeping our other house as a rent house...