Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wars and rumors of war....

Isn't interesting how people band together in times of stress? While I can't spill all the details here, I've been really surprised at how some fellow writers have rallied themselves out of a tough spot. It's even further evidence that just when you think the worst has happened, another door opens up - and may be even better. We'll see.

On the slate this week (yes JUST this week) is the final draft for the HR book. Turns out the client loved it so hopefully the hard part is behind me. I'm hoping to get it out by Friday. Also on the list is the book on Vedic Astrology. While I know zip on this subject, I don't have a problem learning. I knew zip about Australian Immigration Law too and recently finished the first draft of that book which I think was pretty good. Haven't heard from the client though, so we'll see. This weekend I have to finish the Executive Summary for Kiplinger. The summary is on a trading triggers book which is really interesting. It's a fabulous thing to get paid to read books you would read anyway. I also need to put the final edits on the editing website and let it go 'live'. I would have already done this, but the last edits Jenny sent me were lost in the computer shuffle (apparently old computers get totally confused when you ask them to save to a .pft file - who knew?) so if you read this Jenny, please resend!!

I got a reject from an editor last week on a book partial that I'd even forgotten I'd sent. It was submitted last March (yes I had to look it up - thank god for spreadsheets). She said she'd read several similar in the past few months but that my opening line was one of the best she'd ever read. Too bad they don't buy just one line. As it would happen, part of tonight's writing class was on opening lines. I usually read a few from great authors, then give the class the assignment of writing a great opening line. They always love that assignment and so do I.

This is my first blog post since setting up my computer last Sunday. I love love love it. The bigger screen is so much easier on my old tired eyes. I really should give it a name. Maybe Lois....nah...sounds like a granny. How about Charlene....yes that's it. Smart with just a hint of sassy.

Yes the tree is still up.


Jennifer said...

Hey Dee,

Well now you've sparked my curiosity about the group of writers rallying! You are so mean to leave me hanging here in limbo. :-) Wow, you are so busy and productive. You go, girl!

kaci said...

go mommy go!!! bummer about the rejection but i dont think it phases you mother dearest. i cant believe the tree is still up. that is sad. oh well toodles.

dee said...

sorry I couldn't be more detailed, hopefully furture posts will clear up the mystery. I finished the HR book, but the Vedic astrology book is a monster!!!! He's a Austrailian client who is Austrian and his native language is Germans. It's like Steve Irwin meet Arnold Swartzenegger...for real.....very tough. Hopefully next week we can do lunch and I can explain all this mumbo jumbo.