Friday, January 19, 2007

Class is in session

The new round of classes at AC have begun and this time I have a strange, but exciting, mix of students. In the Great American Novel class, I have nine men and two women. Usually its the other way around with more women than men. So it should be very interesting and a whole different look at novel writing from the male perspective. I'm excited. In the critique class I have mostly familiar faces from the last novel writing class. I'm thrilled they are continuing to pursue publication.

I'm a little bummed that the Seminar I was supposed to give to Panhandle Professional Writers was cancelled due to the inbound snow storm. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter lately??

One good item of note is that my new computer came so I will be playing with my new toy all weekend....and maybe taking down the Christmas tree (or maybe not). Technically I have until Valentines Day to remove all vestiges of my favorite holiday(these are my rules so deal with them). At least I'm not still turning on the tree lights every night.

Another shipping incident occurred today only this time with UPS. Supposedly they left my package from Kiplinger on my porch (okay so technically it's a large square of concrete, but whatever) well the package was not there. In fact I'm betting he tossed it onto someone else's 'porch'. Normally it wouldn't annoy me that much except I'm on deadline for the review of this book. Of course Kiplinger has been nice enough to overnight me another copy, but still!! What is wrong with these people?? First DHL leaves poor Jen's Xmas on her 'porch' to get stolen, and now UPS tosses packages willy nilly onto the plains of Texas. My last hope is FED EX...and they better come through!!

On the writing front, I finished the First Draft of the Human Resources book that I was ghostwriting, and now I'm on to a Liposuction book. If nothing else, its always interesting. I'm also still working on my editing website and trying to get it live sometime next week. We'll see how much I get done this weekend!


kaci said...

mom where is my computer? lol i am suprised ur still not running the lights. kudos on the class having men for once. that is so strange.any cuties? lol just kidding. luv u.

dee said...

kiddies pay for their own computers, and cars, and they can become good responsible adults. AND NO there are no 'cuties'...ewweee!!

Anonymous said...

I'm about due for another computer, sadly...or maybe just a harddrive upgrade. Still, that's money I don't have.

And my pretty little tree is STILL's so cute. Oh, but HEY, it's all RED! I can leave it up til Valentine's!!!! =P

Anonymous said...

and it's very weird how this is using my alias instead of 'jen' like it used to...weeeeeeird... o.O

Jennifer said...

Hey Dee,

Will the PPW class be rescheduled? I was SO looking forward to it!


dee said...

I was looking forward to it too! And several people have emailed about it. Unfortunately, the PPW meetings are booked for the next year, so unless someone drops out at the last minute (which happens on occasion)then it will be a while. BUT me & Liz are teaching it as a six week course at AC this summer so that's something I guess.