Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back From Vegas

Tired, but happy. Vegas was wonderful as always. We stayed downtown this time and I really enjoyed it. I played at the Golden Nugget Poker room most of our stay. I won a tournament at Fitzgerald's and placed 5th in one at GN. Most of the money I won was in cash games. The best game was on the day we left. A 3-6 Full Kill game. I made $125 per hour on that one. Wish I made that in real life. I hadn't realized how much my game has improved in the last two years. Playing in a regular game at home makes all the difference. Hopefully we'll be going again soon.

We had a terrible time getting home, our flight from DFW to AMA was canceled at midnight and we ended up spending the night at the airport because Nascar was in Dallas over the weekend and there were no hotel rooms. It was a miserable night. But other wise it was a good trip overall. Can't wait to go back. The sad part is that it was the last trip of the year. So all that's left now is work. Bummer. And do I have a lot of that to do!

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Jennifer said...

Welcome home, Dee! Way to go on winning all that money. Back to reality now, huh? I'm chained to my computer these days so I can sympathize.