Monday, February 15, 2010

The Value of Sleep

So at 4 am this morning, as I whacked my snoring husband for the thousandth time, I had to wonder, "Why is it that when I want to sleep all things seem to conspire against me?" Not that this was the only thing on my mind. I also contemplated how it could be that earplugs which see so well suited to block out high level industrial noise or even the drone of aircraft, could not seem to block the noise eminating from this man's mouth. Or how it could be possible that snoring could vibrate our whole king size bed. Its only recently that I've really understood the value of a good sleep. I've become a bit of a night owl over the last year as our call volume has picked up so substantially during the day that I work much later into the evening. Only lately I've realized that rather than helping me catch up on my work this is really hindering me.

I know, it sounds a little counterintutive (that's intellectual talk for batty) but just follow along. First of all, at night it seems to take me three times as long to do the same amount of work as it does during the morning. Then of course there's the effect on my relationships. I'm bitchy...okay, bitchier. I snipe, gripe and order people around - yes, more so than usual! Then there's the laying in bed wondering if its worth the effort to go downstairs and dig out an icepick when I could just shove a pillow down his throat.

The only cure that I can see is to bring back the afternoon nap! you know when you curl up with a pillow in a very quiet, warm place...with a margarita....oh wait!! that's a know Mexico is such a good idea this time of year. Go nap!


Travis Erwin said...

I keep telling myself I'll get all the sleep I need once I'm dead.

dee said...

ah attractive thou art some days....