Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Book on Jay Leno!!!

So its the busy season obviously - so busy I haven't posted in a month but that's good. So one of the books we wrote last fall, Lucrative Love has really been making waves. The author is Tom Feltenstein, and last Friday the book was mentioned in a skit on Jay Leno!! See it here:

Tom has really gotten a lot of press and we even helped him with the tag line for his billboard that he put up in West Palm, FL. He's a very funny guy!!

Anyway, we are back in the swing of things with more writing projects and various other books that we are publishing AND the WSOP -that's World Series of Poker for all you fish out there - is only a few weeks away. I'm traveling to LV June 3 - 10 and will play up to three events. If I do well, I'll also buy in to the main even in July. I can't wait as this has been on my bucket list for a while and now I'm doing it.

Cruise update: we finally made a decision on where to go on the birthday cruise the end of Sept. The winner was the cruise out of Miami that goes to Costa Rica and Panama. There's even a shore excursion on a ferry that takes you on a ride completely through the panama canal. Very excited about that and will be stocking up on mosquito spray!


Travis Erwin said...

good luck at the tables. I still wanna play some poker with you one of these days.

dee said...

me too!! can't wait to shuffle up and deal in the big one.....