Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well this was an extremely exciting week! First of all we sent out the first round of press releases for Todd Dean's book, More Month Than Money. He was going to be in LA so we sent it to 12 major media outlets in the Los Angeles area. Less than 48 hours later, the producer of the Wayne Resnick show on KFI 640 AM called to book him for Saturday. KFI is the Number 1 talk radio station in America so we really hit one out of the part. We also did a quick promotional ebook version of the books since the Hardback won't be available until November. When I told the producer we were going to offer the ebook free to their listeners for 7 days, they were thrilled!

The publisher was also excited and now we will be going on their yearly cruise that they take all their authors on. It leaves next Saturday and is doing the Jamaica, Bahamas, Grand Cayman itinerary which is good because I've already been there and can focus on the authors instead of sightseeing....still its great to be in the Caribbean now that fall is here!!!

We're hoping the radio appearance will help fill up Todd's seminar in Waikiki on Dec 6 which we will be attending as well.....very exciting stuff. We named our new marketing company TAG Media Solutions and with a score like this on, we should be well on our way!!


Travis Erwin said...

Many congrats!

dee said...

Thanks Travis!

Britta Coleman said...

Wow, talk about a jackpot! So exciting, and cheers on your success!

dee said...

Thanks Britta!