Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Trouble with Money

Good news! I have the preliminary mock up for my new financial book, The Trouble with Money. It may change a bit from this but it will be very similar. (the swirl is a watermark that will not be on the final)

The book is basically a look at what hang ups people have about money and why. Then I discuss how these money habits or erroneous beliefs can get them in really deep S*** financially and what to do about it.
It is interesting that I receive a certain amount of criticism for discussing money and financial issues so openly. Most people know that I have a strong background in finance, experience in the financial industry, and an MBA. But because my main source of income is writing they seem to believe that I'm not supposed to be interested in, or know anything about, money.
I'm sure all the business people out there are reading this thinking, "WHAT??" Exactly. Everything I do, whether that is writing, consulting, selling on the Internet, or playing poker is done from a business mindset. This does not mean that I only think about money, but it does play a part in what choices I make and where I choose to spend my time.
Often people just think about money as the amount in their bank account and they judge how they are doing in life by that amount. What they don't think about is money in relation to time. If you run out of money, screw up your credit score, or blow your retirement account on jet skis and tequila, it can be fixed, repaired or sold on Ebay (except for the used Tequila). But if you run out of time, that's it. There is no more and no second chance.
Time is and always will be your only non-renewable resource and as such, is the most valuable thing you have. This is why I am such an advocate about everything that I do bringing in the maximum dollar amount possible while taking the least amount of time. I know time is infinitely more valuable than money and spending time stressing over financial crises is a waste of life's most valuable commodity - especially when you could spend that time DOING something about it.
When I look back and think of all the time I wasted in endeavors that didn't serve me in the long run, it made me very conscious of how easily it could have been avoided and the financial issues in my life smoothed out. With the economy in a bit a slump there are millions of people living on the edge of that same financial chaos having no idea how to help themselves. I hope some of them will use some of their most valuable asset (their time) to read this book and understand that there is no financial crisis you can face that is hopeless. The release is set for fall and I hope you all will check it out.


huddlekay said...

I'm in a financial crisis right now! My job decided that I got the eight weeks off for maternity leave-they just aren't going to pay me for it. So if I didn't know the value of money before, I certainly do now!

Hope everything is going OK for you guys-it's sounds like it is. The book cover looks great! I'm so glad I decided to create this page. So many people (that aren't just my friends) are reading my stuff. Also I have a website that I'm working on right now. And I may have a writing job for a website. I sent in a *test* he asked me to write, but I'm still waiting to see what he thinks of it. Either way... I'll either have a new job or I'll have first rejection letter- I can feel good because I'm actually DOING something...

Anyway, I didn't mean to write a whole letter here.. It's good to hear from you again.

Travis Erwin said...

Like the cover and the premise.

Even Hank Williams was willing to trade a bit of green for some time.

I've got the money honey, if you got the time.

Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly what he was after.

Britta Coleman said...

Great cover, Dee! It's so exciting. I liked your comments about time being a non-renewable resource. Makes you think twice about watching that Project Runway marathon. For the third time.

Or is that just me?