Thursday, November 01, 2007

plotting, scheming, and other pursuits...

The busier I get the worse of a blogger I become. Natural I suppose. After returning from the wonderful trip to CA(see last post) I was home almost two whole weeks! Then it was off to West Palm in FL. Work again but still it was nice to get to go somewhere warm as its starting to really cool off at home.

In FL I got to meet several of our clients that TAG has been ghostwriting for. It was great to see some of the covers and media they had received as well! Most of the time, we finish the book and are pretty much out of the process so it was neat to see the end result. We are also going to be very busy as we have even more projects in the pipeline. Good thing we found more writers and editors this last month. While they're twiddling their thumbs right now, the flood is soon to come!

The TAGsters have also been very responsive to the idea of doing their own books and are working on several good ideas. We'll see what comes of the plans. If I've learned anything from the gurus, it is that incremental change is the key to sustained success it's not about making it overnight. We are adding to our expertise incrementally both as contractors and as business owners and it is really building into something worthwhile. Speaking of stuff we've added, see our trailer on You Tube for Picks & Shovels.

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