Thursday, December 28, 2006

Charlie Brown Xmas

So the Saddest thing oldest daughter (who lives in Durham, NC) didn't get her xmas package.....DHL Sucks was supposed to be delivered Sat before xmas but wasn't delivered until yesterday....AND THEN SOMEONE STOLE IT!!!

I can't believe it I'm so bummed for her.....she's a little hot about it too, see her post for 12/28... kind of grinch rips off xmas???

The money and treats can easily be replaced, but the feeling of violation doesn't go away....merry christmas....

In other news, I've decided to move forward with my own novel editing service....I will be setting up the website over the weekend, then I will share it here so you can all have a peek. Part of what I will be talking about at PPW is how to develop multiple streams of income for your writing business. And the novel editing service will be one of mine. As most writers know, one of the biggest obstacles for the working writer to overcome is unsteady cash flow. You have vast stretchs of time between paychecks sometimes and then have a whole pile of money come in at once. (Well maybe not a whole pile, but at least enough to catch up). A good writer friend of mine, who is also a New York Times bestseller said it's a bit like being a farmer and you have to treat it as such. You may work for months with no income and then get one or two big paydays per year.

I've thought about that quite a bit, and decided that it would be a very good thing to pursue various writing opportunities not only to even out the cash flow, but also so I would not have all my eggs in one basket (forgive the cliche). If your income is dependent on one publisher then if you lose your contract or that line folds, you're screwed. And this happens everyday. So it makes sense to plan for that eventuality. It would be like a corporate employee looking at the odds of experiencing a layoff. It happens to most people at least once in their lives (and sometimes more than that) so why not plan ahead and protect yourself.

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