Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment so I'm blogging as a way to avoid the thousand things begging for attention. For those following along, an update on the pond. We had an additional floater due to the algae bloom and sad to say it was Spot...the calico fantail. Bummer. But then today Gina called and said the new shipment of sea kittens had arrived for my viewing pleasure. I'd planned to replace the one dead red cap and the bubble eye...and of course, now Spot. However, some how the quest for three new fish turned into seven! How does that happen? Well, I kind of know how it happens, I can't seem to buy just one of a certain kind of fish. Its like they need a friend of their own 'kind' to pal around the pond with. So I got two redcaps, two gold and white something or anothers, two calico bubble eyes, and one very large flashy replacement for Spot. I'm not sure why I never buy a companion for Spot since all the others have a little friend. I guess since he's always been such a loner - kind of the James Dean of the pond, just a little too cool to have any competition. Maybe Spot#2 will need a friend, we'll see. Again, the beautiful thing about fish is if they croak, you scoop them out, feed them to the neighborhood cat and then get another one just like it.

On the work front, can you say holy moly?? Have projects lined up from here to the Arctic - just waiting on the flood of paperwork to come through so we can get started. TAG has also signed some new authors with cool book ideas and they are exciting I must say! We got the ARCs back for a fiction client that we're doing some marketing for and they look pretty good. I am amazed they can print them in 48 hours these days!

In other news, Jen is coming home for a week in April!!! So excited...she hasn't been home in forever. Last I saw her was on the cruise last summer and she hasn't even seen the castle yet! Anyway should be a good time. Well must get back to work, it won't do itself.....

Monday, March 09, 2009

5 things I did last weekend...

Its been an eventful couple of weeks at the castle. Here's this list for last weekend.

1. cleaned the pond - we had a couple of tragedies at the pond. Two floaters. The problem is the algae is just taking all the oxygen so the little fish suffocated...bummer...I had asked Gina to send a guy over to clean it...unfortunately it was a kid and he half assed it so as usual, if you want something done you have to do it yourself. Me & Kevin caught the survivors, took all their toys out and scrubbed the walls down I have to say it is sparking!! So we went over to fish pros and bought three more fish to add to the crew and i had Gina order some replacements for the deceased.

2. Talked with David and Andrea - as friends and now authors for TAG, I was excited to hear they may be moving back to Texas!! California is overrated anyway and you can't beat the cost of living in Texas. They are also making good progress on their book.

3. Went to the depot and got more stuff to hang some of the paintings that I haven't hung yet from the move (now almost 8 months ago!!). I didn't actually get to the hanging part, just got the stuff. The pond was a priority.

4. Got some mothballs - we are having cats issues and they are really annoying. Not our cats mind you, but everyone else's in the neighbor hood. Our exterminator dude suggested moth balls to put under the bushes and around the yard where they like to leave their calling cards. I have to admit, the smell of mothballs would certainly turn me off!!

5. Drank too much wine - I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but it turns out that Pinot Noir is very easy to drink...so we did...me & Kevin both....it also goes great with Oreos.....gee no wonder it seemed like the weekend just slipped by....